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Be Part of Something Bigger - International Stage -Part 1 Brazil

National team of Brazil Games
Although it was never PBA's goal to get to international and PRO level exposure this quick, when the opportunity came we took it with no question asked.
Butch Carter suggested PBA as a source of Canadian players since we were deep in building the GTHA basketball association/relationship with elite basketball organizations such as  SWB, NBBL, ACE- Entertainment (Formerly known as Mississauga Power), Mississauga Hoops, BML, to name the few.
This opportunity was more then attaching PBA brand with the success of organizing the game, but more importantly it enabled us to involve existing and prospect partners.
Few months ago there was a blog Tactic -15C about a very cold day and having fun on the snow. This was a perfect basketball opportunity to correlate the experience in basketball terms.  
We approached all organizations and provided them opportunity to pick few elite players that they would like to see play against national team of BRAZIL. While few organizations had reservations about doing this, majority got excited to help showcase their top players and associate them to their brand (smart move btw).
This event was glowing success ? It exemplified that united organization, no matter how competitive they are, can create bigger better outcomes when they work on the big picture. Today was exhibition games vs national team Brazil tomorrow it will be Mexico, soon it will be BRIDGE 2 PRO !! 
The Dream Lives Here ! 
Check out the picture @pba2pro or here is on for you here:
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