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Chasing the basketball dream in the best country in the world

There is a gap in the Canadian basketball pyramid and PBA will bridge that gap. 
Over  the last 10-20+ years how many amazing players have been forced to drop the Hoop Dreams due to little to no basketball platforms to support them in Canada. There is a good chance you are nodding in agreement right now. Many great players have been personally affected by the lack of the ball opportunities in Canada.  
In Europe every city and even town have a team. Not all are $100K paid leagues but there is a wide spectrum of "street-ball" to NBA comparable level teams. Yeah I know we have 5x more hockey fans, but there are 10x more of us then some tiny country that is ahead of Canada in basketball.
NO EXCUSES! To say that our good economy is allowing too many distraction is overrated. When you build a platform they will come, which is what has been happening in Canada for last 4 years. The growth that professional leagues are experiencing is a proof that this is a booming market. Things rarely boom over night but with existing organizational infrastructure, there is both talent and sustainability.
How many of your friends have became depressed, or left the family to chase the dream in some small European country, just so they can say they are playing basketball. Work life basketball balance can exist in Canada.  Enjoy your family, work and progress your career, but why not also chase your dream! Why not here in Canada? 
We are about to change that ! 
People are capable, at any time in their lives, of doing what they dream of. 
Paulo Coelho, Alchemist
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