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PBA Recipe

Premier Basketball Association Stakeholders Presentation

The hardest part about cooking an exotic dinner is getting those fresh ingredients simmering together for the best taste. Having a plan and thinking "ohh I have a list of all the ingredients-- it will be easy to put these together", is being too optimistic. What happens when you get a few key pieces and then realize that "ox tails" wont be available for the next few days....
Do you cook your meal without it or do you replace it with goat stew ?
For PBA, identifying right the right ingredients, which in this case are basketball organizations, was not a hard task. The hardest task was scheduling stakeholders to be in the same room at the same time. Thankfully, we were able to complete 3 sessions with 1 to 11 stakeholders. We are proud to say that all stakeholder presentations turned out great! Check the video bellow to see the stakeholders presentation. We didn't ask anyone to drink the kool-aide or choose the blue or red pill but there was an incentive for early adopters. They will become equal, voting shareholders, partners with a common goal of developing basketball.
Based on the great feedback, we created 3 products for enabling cross city/league competition.
  1. PBA D-League - Canadian D-League for top local Canadian not-drafted talent
  2. PBA D-Cup  - Cup for D-League organizations as well as new prospect organizations
  3. PBA Champions Cup - Cup for Team Champions from each League (rec-elite division)
We were blessed to get a favorable amount of feedback from NBA icons, potential major corporate partners as well as the basketball organizations that will be announced as PBA D-League partners in the following weeks.
Sometimes best delicate are made by pure coincidence and a little risk of using different ingredients. We think we are about to give you a taste for something you and your family will enjoy in years to come! 
Stay tuned! Follow us @PBA2PRO on all your favorite social networks! 
PBA Canada
The Dream Lives Here! 
Competition is always a good thing. It forces us to do our best. A monopoly renders people complacent and satisfied with mediocrity. - Nancy Pearcey
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