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Tactic -15c

Pray that excitement of success is greater then a fear of failure

Sometimes its just hard to get the people to get together and start something bigger and better. The fear of unknown or losing something can be mind boggling. 
The tactic I learn from last night tobogganing with my kids may be the best in this situation.
It was evening and I just picked up the sled for my kids ( the snow is there, the opportunity is there).  It was dark and quite cold evening and even though my kids kinda knew this should be exciting moment, the fear of getting cold got to them.
I managed to get the eldest one to come while the other 2 stayed in the warm car watching.
I pulled the sled with my daughter on it and we went down the hill few times before we decided to go back to the car.  My daughter had a blast and she was sharing her excitement.
The next moment my son decided he wants to be pulled on the sled and he was next in line. I did the same routine with him and then the 3rd one came along.  Finally, all 3 of them wanted to be part of the fun and 20 minutes later we ran to the car. It was -15 and we were cold but the experience was great.
Sometimes you just have to do great deal of effort to get people excited as it will become contagious. 
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