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Who moved my Basketball?!

Based on "Who moved my cheese" by DR. Spencer and "Why we fail" motivation video by Mateusz M

Cheese ??!! Its a figure of speech. This tiny, easy to read book, even by a 7 year  old, will give you an animated picture of what life change is all about. But can it be applied to basketball? Absolutely, yes! 
“Life moves on and so should we”
Spencer Johnson, Who Moved My Cheese?
I will not summarize this book for you as its quite an enjoyable read ( #LibraryIsFree or read summary here), but what I would like to do is draw a simple parallel of how it applies to undrafted players in Canada.
"Cheese" is something we pursue because we believe it makes us happy, in this case the pro basketball experience. If and when we get it, we likely become attached to it. If we lose, or it's taken away, it can be very traumatic.
The "Maze" is Canada and the basketball infrastructure within it. 
In Canadian basketball, the maze is really big and empty once you're done school. If you lost your desire for pro basketball and you moved on to other things, you may be content with a plethora of options available currently (check the for list of leagues you can play rec - competitive basketball), BUT if you are looking at the dream of the PRO experience you have a few options in Canada. In the US, there are 120+ basketball new jobs every year while in Canada there are 16+. Both numbers are statistically small yet proportionate but it doesn't mean that there is no room for additional platforms to perform at the highest possible level in the country. 
You ??? You are one of the 4 characters; "Hem" or  "Haw" the humans;  "Sniff" or "Scurry" the mice characters.
What happens when some wrinkle comes up in our life? Maybe your high-school/college superstar badge is not as shiny as it once was and your future goals of playing PRO are gone. You probably got disappointed, confused, angry, depressed. "How is this possible!?"  There are many reasons to why things don't go your way in life. Some are your fault and you just have to realize it, laugh at it, and get better. Others are just things you can't control. Either way, you have an option to quit or take your failure as a fuel to get better.
If you are the tiny mouse character, you would take that as a bad day and you would be sniffing and looking out for new "cheese" the next day or get paralyzed and expect miracle to happen (human character).
PBA is about creating more options for elite players with PRO potential, options such as pro like games, opportunities to be motivated to stay in top basketball shape, so that they can catch the next train. Instead of  players quitting basketball or leaving to chase the contracts across the pond, making minimum wage, PBA would enable them to stay and at the same time encourage, network, and support players to grow both basketball and business opportunities within their reach, close to their family and friends.
Hard working people that always look for opportunities  will make things happen regardless of their education and their skills. Nothing is Impossible. - Branko V.
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